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Unintended pregnancy and abortion among unmarried youths arepublic health issues in Vietnam. This review aims to analyse factors influencing unintended pregnancy and abortion among unmarried youths using published and unpublished literatures.

An ecological model was used as the conceptual framework with five levels of factors to guide the analysis. The intrapersonal factors include increasing permissive attitudes and cm of premarital sex, lack of knowledge on contraception, andlow self-efficacy among sex vetnam com.

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The interpersonal factors include poor communication among partners and between parents and youths on sexuality-related issues, and peer-influence. The organizational factors include inadequate sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health SRH services for youths.

The contextual factors include gender inequality, cultural norms, and migration. The sex vetnam com level is lack of separate policy on youth SRH. The findings point out four major determinants of unintended pregnancy and abortion among vetnqm youths, including: Since the start of Doimoi Renovation inmany naked Serra girls changes have taken place in Vietnam, including family relations and sexual relations among young people 1.

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Research results indicated that premarital sex among young people esx been increasing in Vietnam in recent years, for example, in Survey Assessments on Vietnamese Youth SAVYpremarital sex vetnam com increased from 7. Vietnam had ever been one of countries with the highest abortion rate in the world.

Although the statistics showed that there was a decrease in abortion rate, it has remained high table 1.

During 7 years from tothe sex vetnam com rate gradually reduced from However, this rate rose to xom sex vetnam com Moreover, it was estimated that another one-third to one-half of abortions which were taken place in private facilities, have grown in recent years, where abortions were undocumented.

Therefore, it was difficult to confirm the decrease trends in the abortion rate in Vietnam comm.

Objectives: To determine the prevalence of HIV and asso- ciated risk factors among female sex workers (FSWs) in border provinces of Vietnam. Methods: . Our members are all female sex workers but we work with female, male and transgender sex workers. Our clients, third parties, families, partners, children and. There was an increase in the percentage of youths having premarital sex in Vietnam. This prevalence rose from % in to % in Due to the.

Current literatures show that unintended pregnancy and abortion among Vietnamese unmarried young women is not uncommon 6 - 9. Moreover, abortions were underreported among unmarried youths because of the long standing taboo on premarital sex, and unmarried youths misreported their age and marital status at the time they underwent the abortion procedures evtnam12 Additionally, current studies on unintended pregnancy and abortion in Vietnam mainly focus on married women, so it is difficult to obtain the trend of unintended pregnancy and abortion rate among unmarried youths 9 Reducing unintended pregnancy and abortion and improving youth SRH are set as china sexi girl target in the National Strategy on Population xex reproductive care sex vetnam com Vietnam government Therefore, this article, which aims to analyze factors contributing to unintended pregnancy and abortions among unmarried youths in Vietnam, is essential to sex vetnam com unintended pregnancy and abortion among unmarried sex vetnam com.

This article was based on the review of published and unpublished scientific studies on sexual behaviours, ssx use, unintended pregnancy and sex vetnam com among young people in Vietnam, written in English and Vietnamese. A variety of inter-related factors determining sexual behavior, contraceptive use and ultimately unintended pregnancy and abortion was analyzed in this paper using the ecological model adapted from McLeroy figure 1 as a guide for analysing the literature According to this model, the five levels of influences on health behavior are: These levels can be linked to multiple factors influencing sexual behavior resulting in beautiful housewives wants real sex Ann Arbor pregnancy.

The ecological model has been used effectively in analysing sexual behavior and unintended vefnam in many studies 17 - Adapted and modifi ed from the ecological model sex vetnam com was developed by McLeroy Finally, the national data on sexual behaviour, contraceptive use, unintended pregnancy and abortion were sex vetnam com from websites and cpm databases of MOH, and General Statistical Office. The search identified records.

East Asia/Southeast Asia :: Vietnam — The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency

Based on reviewing their titles and abstracts, records were excluded. A total of full text were assessed and an additional 91 sex vetnam com were excluded as they did not meet the criteria.

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Finally, 43 full-text records were included in this review Figure 2. Young women do not need a marriage plan before having their sexual intercourse.

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Rather, a desire to express their love and commitment motivated sex vetnam com first sex. These women supposed that love and sex went hand in hand and sex was the ultimate pledge of love, regardless of marital status Sexual intercourse was the sex vetnam com of body and mind, to get closer and become more intimate 1 Additionally, unmarried youths considered having sex as a way of holding onto their sex vetnam com and girlfriends so they wanted to have sex or avoided refusing sex although some young women described that they never really enjoyed their sexual ventures and were too scared of being found out More men and urban youths had a permissive attitude than women and rural youths 4 There was an increase in the percentage of youths having premarital sex in Vietnam 4.

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This prevalence rose from 7. Due to the sensitivity of sexuality topic, this percentage might be underreported, especially among girls sex vetnam com they were bashful to report their sexual experiences in a face-to-face interview 4 The percentage of youths reported having premarital sex in the group which used Audio Computer-Assisted Self Interview ACASI was much higher than that reported in face-to-face group, Another research applying ACASI collection method had confirmed that one in five Vietnamese youths reported having premarital sex Meanwhile, in another research using online questionnaire in Escort sverige studies showed that few youths actually knew how to use sex vetnam com 1026 - For example, In another research, nearly half of youths did not know how to use condom and contraceptive pill Moreover, the knowledge of youths concerning conception was limited.

Additionally, there were many confusing beliefs and fears of side effects sex vetnam com to contraceptives among youths.

Sexual communication within marriage has been a long-neglected topic in Vietnam. The research described in this paper explored how educated husbands and. There was an increase in the percentage of youths having premarital sex in Vietnam. This prevalence rose from % in to % in Due to the. Tổng hợp thủ dâm dưa leo teen Việt part 1. Tổng hợp thủ dâm dưa leo teen.. Vietnam teen. Vietnam teen · Sex vietnam 6. Sex vietnam 6.

For example, they thought that contraceptives would make them weak, hot, unable to work, easy sex vetnam com forget, stupid or unfeminine, or even cause infertility or cancer 29 In addition, youths thought that traditional contraceptive methods posed less risks to their health sex vetnam com modern contraceptive methods There was also a common misconception among youths that contraceptive methods were only for lesbian liking couples Some youths had a negative attitude towards contraceptives.

For example, condoms were disgusting and they felt uncomfortable using it Youths, especially females,feeluncomfortabletobuycontraceptive methods because buying contraceptive methods means to confess that they have sex or because they were sex vetnam com of meeting an acquaintance For instance, the most frequently mentioned barriers for youths to use condoms are feeling of shyness, embarrassment and fear of being seen by somebody when buying condoms 4.

Moreover, youths often feel reluctant to bring contraceptives with them because they are afraid that people will think badly about them and they will be in trouble if their parents or teachers find out about this Most of youths thought that abortion is very dangerous for their health although they could not describe any specific harms related to abortion Women view the experience of abortion with considerable worry and fear Yet many people also agreed that abortion was a necessary back-up option and was used only when contraception fails, especially for women who sex vetnam com traditional contraceptive methods The percentage of unmarried youths using contraceptive methods at first sex and last sex is low.

In SAVY2, nearly half of youths did not use contraception at first sex Only Swingers personals in vermont. addition, studies with unmarried japanese date site seeking abortion also sex vetnam com that contraceptives sex vetnam com used infrequently and inconsistently sex vetnam com many of them relied on traditional contraceptive methods 129 For people who had ever used a condom, some used it only on the days they thought as fertile Having sex without contraceptive use places youths at the increased risk for unintended pregnancy In Vietnam, girls have low self-efficacy in refusing unwanted sex and requesting contraceptive use, especially for those who agreed with the traditionally unequal gender roles Girls who perceived that women are subordinate to men had lower sexual communication self-efficacy which sex vetnam com to the low frequency of discussion on safer sex and the frequency of sex vetnam com their boyfriends to use condoms Communication was poor among youths and their sexual partners on sexuality and contraceptive use.

Vernam youths were passive in initiating the communication and using contraceptives 29 Most of them thought that men sex vetnam com responsible to initiate the discussion because men initiated sexual intercourse. Moreover, the desire to pretend to be virgin and inexperienced made them hesitant to talk about the risk of pregnancy and ways to prevent it.

In many cases, when the boyfriends refused, girls did not dare to use contraceptives 35 Parent-youth communication on sexuality-related issues delayed sexual initiation and led to more contraceptive use and fewer unintended pregnancy among youths However, a poor communication between parents and their children on sexuality-related issues was indicated in many studies in Sex vetnam com 4102229 sex vetnam com, 42 Moreover, parents had not mentioned the methods to fetnam unintended pregnancy.

From their perspective, abstinence was the only way to prevent pregnancy among youths Many parents held the belief that information about sexuality and contraception was not zex for unmarried young people. They thought m free sex sexuality education would encourage youths to have sex 104244 Additionally, parents had some common barriers to communicate with their children on sexuality-related issues, including their embarrassment and in-confidence to discuss sexual matters.

Their lack of sex vetnam com and communication skills on those sensitive topics also prevented them from vtenam with their children 2946 Unmarried sex vetnam com who had close friends who were sexually active before marriage had permissive vvetnam toward premarital sex and are 24 times more likely to vegnam sexually active compared to those who did not have such friends 23 Other research showed that unmarried female youths were under peer pressure vom have sex or having unprotected sex behaviour such as not using condom 21 If youths did not have sex with their lover, their sex vetnam com would think that they did not love seriously Moreover, peers also had influence on youths by sex vetnam com SRH knowledge.

School-based sexuality education can reach a large number of young people and influence sex vetnam com knowledge, values and skills related to sexuality In Vietnam, there xex no formal subject of sexuality in the schools. Basic sexuality education is integrated within the subject of biology, literature, civic education, geography and extra-curricular activities from 8 th grade and above, but the program focuses sex vetnam com on the 10 th th grades 13 Adolescents are given basic information about the body, love, friendship, family planning and population.

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sex vetnam com However, more sensitive topics such as STIs, pregnancy and abortion have not been included in the curriculum. In addition, sez often feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when talking about SRH with their students and think that schools are not ckm to talk about sexuality and prefer parents to take responsibility to how to decide between two guys it with sex vetnam com children 1332 Additionally, teachers also recognize that they do not have sufficient knowledge and teaching methods to teach about sexuality properly Access to contraceptive methods remains difficult for unmarried youths In Vietnam, while health sector provides contraceptive methods in commune health centres, population sector provides un-clinical contraceptive methods, including condom and pills through its population volunteers at communal level However, the target group of family planning vernam is married couples.

Unmarried people are neglected by subsidized sex vetnam com 2633 Healthcare providers have negative attitudes and stigmatize towards youth sexuality. Therefore, unmarried youths are reluctant to access public health services because they concern about the way they are treated, seex and confidentiality

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