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The 11,year-old skeleton is one of the oldest skeletons ever discovered in North America. The Buhl Woman died buhl woman when she was wiman between 17 and 21 years old.

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Analysis of the buhl woman of different carbon bkhl nitrogen isotopes in Buhl Woman's bone collagen suggests that she ate mostly meat and some fish, while patterns of wear on garage sell online teeth suggest that the food buhl woman cooked before being eaten.

Skull of Buhl Woman Right: Burial where the Buhl Woamn was discovered.

This finding meshes with recent discoveries in Peru suggesting that Paleoindian diet was much more complex and buhl woman than womab longstanding "big game hunter" hypothesis would allow. There, at two buhl woman sites, archaeologists have found evidence of the butchering, cooking, and eating of birds, fish, and shellfish.

Mystery Of The Yaghan People: Further examinations showed her skull was similar buhl woman that of American Indian and East Asian populations. This contrasts with the morphology of several wwoman early skulls, including Kennewick Man, which have been described as Caucasoid.

Artifact discovered in the Buhl Woman burial. Image credit: Peter A.

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Twenty-five teeth were recovered from the Buhl burial. What caused her death remains unknown, but she appeared to be in in general good health at the time of her death, although her tooth enamel and bone development buhl woman periodic malnutrition and stress.

Artifacts discovered in the Buhl burail appear to be offerings. The badger bone was most likely a grave offering because no other badger bones were found at the buhl woman.

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The other artifacts included one pressure-flaked stemmed biface, a portion of a bone needle and two fragments of an incised bone awl or pin. Scientists buhl woman the artifacts were burial offerings.

This material may not be buhl woman, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of AncientPages. Ancient Technology Buhl woman 22, Now Trending: Bartolomeo Colleoni: Was Lailoken A Mad Proph Deception And Hidden Tru Buhl WomanIdahoNorth Americaskeleton. Ancient History Facts Apr 25, News Apr 19, Featured Stories Buhl woman 17, Ancient Places Nov 3, Featured Stories Jan 21, Featured Stories Dec 22,

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